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When the Queen of England recently visited Yorktown VA, she raved about the taste of York River oysters. How’d these famous oysters, prized for their perfect blend of sweetness and mildly salty taste, win over the taste buds of royalty? Just like the Queen’s royal roots, it all comes down to how they’re born and raised.

York River’s FORBIDDEN Oysters™ are grown where the River kisses the Chesapeake Bay at the river’s mouth, where the water is exceptionally clean and perfectly salty due to the close proximity to the Bay's opening to the Atlantic Ocean. Add an unusually brisk current flow and a virtually silt-free, hard, sandy bottom to have ideal conditions for growing delicious oysters that are full of natural flavor without being overwhelmed by saltiness.

The result is an oyster that’s exceptionally clean, sweet and plump. In the opinion of many oyster lovers, they’re the best-tasting oysters on the planet. And since these select Chesapeake Bay oysters don’t spawn, they can be eaten and enjoyed all year round – even in the middle of Summer.

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